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Its a Ride not a Race!


Karkloof Conservancy

The Karkloof conservancy is delighted to be  involved in this year's ride

for rhinos cycle ride – especially as our motto is “conservation is our

concern and commitment, birding your pleasure”!  We therefore  take the

threat to the rhino populations of  S.A. very seriously.

The Karkloof region is a biodiversity hotspot and many threatened species

occur here .

Our local  wildlife honorary officers  are doing a fantastic  job in

helping to protect our natural heritage.  They are also involved in the

clearing of alien plants  and the  educating of  people  about the

implications of poaching.

The Honorary Officers of the Weenen Game Reserve need our financial  help

and support  in order to install two boreholes which will  provide water

for  game , and  especially their rhinos.  The profit  made from the

“Ride4Rhinos” ride will be donated to them to enable them to do so.

The ride will follow a different route this year. It will start here in

the Karkloof and will take the riders into  the indigenous mistbelt forest

and  up a very steep incline onto the top of the Karkloof range. They will

then travel through some  magnificent wetlands where pairs of Wattled

cranes nest every year. There are less than 260 Wattled cranes left in

S.A. and are critically endangered. The ride will take the cyclists on to

the Craigieburn Dam and then into some lovely thornveld country as they

make their way to Weenen.

The Karkloof conservation centre is situated 15km outside Howick and is

home to the Karkloof Conservancy.  Apart from our office ,we have a

tranquil picnic site and two world-class bird hides where frequent

sightings of all 3 species of cranes can be seen, as well as other wetland

birds. Most of the farmers in the area are Conservancy members and we hold

an annual game count every year in order to monitor various species. We

are also involved in  environmental education and  members enjoy talks on

various topics. We also hold workshops with our four Karkloof  farm

schools, as we feel that  it is of utmost importance to introduce our farm

children to conservation at an early age.

Our members will be active supporters of this year's Ride4Rhinos.

Phone:072 376 3023

Email: conservancy@karkloof.co.za

Website: www.karkloofconservation.org.za

We look forward to a visit from you and your families!

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