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Its a Ride not a Race!

An overview taken from the 2012 Newsletter...

History of the Ride

A long cycle ride with a difference !

Ride 4 Rhino 2012 is in its second edition, the inaugural ride was held with 40-odd cyclists in 2011. Ride4Rhino’s is social group cycle of about 125km from Howick to Weenen Game Reserve, mainly on dirt roads, a bit of forest roads and a little bit of tar!

Kerryn Moolenschott, a Weenen Hon Officer,  originated this idea of the ride two years ago and the cycling experience coincides with the long-established Husqvarna Weenen Classic 2012, which is held on Sunday 26th August 2012.  

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Ride4Rhinos 2012 Cycle Experience


The initial plan is to cycle in three different-paced  groups - the Racing Rats, The Average Ables and the Scenic Sloggers. Each group will cycle at their relative “comfort” pace with a support vehicle accompanying each group. We are planning a fourth group – Bits ‘n’ Pieces for those cyclists who require more vehicle assistance because they deem the distance too far for comfort!

Beside the experience, this group of cyclists are looking to raise funds and awareness for the precipice which the Rhino population in South Africa faces.  More specifically, to create awareness and funding to fight the poaching threat to the present population of rhino’s in the Weenen Game Reserve.

Moneys raised go directly to the Weenen Reserve Honorary officers group to help sustain and protect the rhino population at Weenen game reserve.

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Ride4Rhinos 2013

You may not know that the old narrow gauge railway line used to run through the park and much of its infrastructure is still in existence. A very strong bore hole was used by the train to fill its tank before the long climb back to Estcourt. The Honorary officers have rigged up a solar driven submersible pump to this borehole and with it they can lead water away from the area near the road,over the hill to a secluded water hole.The solar panels and pump are only capable of delivering a very low volume of water. The funds that they will receive from this ride will be able to double their pumping capacity.

Next year we will help them recommission another borehole. This is a much bigger project.

I hope that you now consider yourselves friends of the Weenen game reserve. Brian and Charles are always available to show you around.You are now also commited to helping us promote the next ride!

The important part of this years event is what happened on the Sunday.

Six of us were priviledged to spend the morning with Brian vd Bank and Charles Henderson, the Honorary officers who effectively run the park. First we were taken on a game drive - we enjoyed lots of sightings and the rhino we saw were magnificent!

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Ride4Rhinos 2014

Brian and his team at Weenen will organise their Family ride  in the game park on Sunday 16th August.

MASCOR - many thanks for their generous donation which enabled us to pay all the entry fees over to the Honorary Officers

ZOETIS - Thank you Letitia for organising the buffs. They were a great hit and I wear mine every cold morning. To both you and Richard we would like to express our appreciation for the enthusiastic way that you have supported this year's ride.

ANDRÉ BOTHA, our safety officer of Mace Safety Solutions, donates his costs. He works in the background and without him we could not hold the ride.

I cannot mention all the other helpers by name, but Karl and his police team played a significant role in the 2014 R4Rs

Pierre Olivier, Paul and Steph Rencken, Allan Jack and the Howick Hon Officers, Brian vd Bank and the Weenen Hon Officers, the Fletchers of Zulu Falls, Sue-Ann, who looks after the web page so well, ROAG, Vicky Peddle of KZN MTB.

All the drivers, motorbikers, second's and cooks, and not forgetting Rockwood Lodges who allowed us to ride on their superb forest paths.---- a very big Thank you!

Lastly, to three special ladies who did most of the work - Carolyn, Janet and Twané - you make it happen.

Peter Goble.

This year's Ride4Rhinos has been and gone and now that finances have been finalised, we are happy to report that just over R12,000 has been donated to the Weenen Honorary Officers Trust Fund. This is not enough to justify the time and effort put in by our sponsors and organisers - so please help us to grow next year's ride from 50 participants to over 100.

The date for the next ride will be the 15th August 2015.  We hope that this date will enable us to attract the stronger riders who are training for the Hill2Hill event.

Final Report Back...

Ride4Rhinos 2015

Thank you for taking part in this year’s ride. Ninety two riders took part and a donation just short of R20000 was raised.

Thank you also for the many kind letters. We possibly need more constructive criticism . Finishing the ride is an epic achievement --far tougher than some of the classic races.

To the poor guy who added twenty kilometers at the end, because the rhino signs had blown down in the reserve, our apologies!

I have thanked the sponsors and helper in a separate letter. Please post your war stories and photos on face book or send them to me and we will add them to the website.

The original reason the ride started was to promote participation in events organized by the honorary officers in the reserve on the Sunday after our ride.

I entered in the twenty four kilometer race and can highly recommend it. They have a full programme of events including a shorter ride and a run.

Once more a large group of Rhino was seen near the cottage we stayed in. We can only conclude that they also say thank you.